Pennoxstone Court


Who We Are

Pennoxstone Court has been with the Cockburn family for 150 years. At the beginning it was a mixed arable farm, with pigs, chickens, sheep and agricultural crops. The first strawberries were planted in 1965 by James Cockburn and it was for pick your own. In 1979 Neil James Cockburn took over the farm from his Father and started to improve the growing systems and grow best quality strawberries supplying the biggest supermarkets in UK. In 1982 he joined the marketing group that today is called BerryGardens with over 100 growers from UK, making it the largest marketing group in the industry. Pennoxstone Court farm grows 65 acres of strawberries, 35 acres of raspberries and 8 acres of blueberries. Nearly all of the crops are covered with polythene tunnels.


What We Do

The majority of the work on the farm is picking and packing soft fruit. There are other farm jobs available. Most of the work is piecework. During the fruit season we are employing up to 180 people. The harvest season starts from late April/beginning of May and ends late October/November depending on the weather.