Working Life at Pennoxstone Court

Most of the work is Involved in picking and packing strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. At times there is other work such as weeding, planting, pruning raspberries,de-leafing strawberries along with many other tasks.
When harvesting people work in teams averaging five people and are paid for how much is picked of the correct quality. Piece work rates are calculated to be not less than the national minimum, and as pickers become more experienced they can earn more. People are paid each month, but can take a cash advance earlier if needed. Tax and national insurance are deducted by law and holiday pay is paid when holiday is taken or at the end of employment.
Hours of work are 6-8 hours per day, time varies and dependant upon weather and season. Saturday is your day off.
  • There are clear incentives to work and earn well
  • The farm works for at least 10 months of the year
  • The best people can progress and earn promotion
  • People who worked well are invited back the following year.
Pennoxstone Court is located in the small village of Kings Caple between Hereford and Ross - on - Wye in the English County of Herefordshire. It's main economic activity is agriculture, traditional farming and fruit farming especially at Pennoxstone Court. At Aramstone there is also a large enterprise where race horses are trained. Kings Caple is linked to Hoarwithy village by a road bridge. There are around 300 people living in Kings Caple. Most people are very friendly.
the easiest way to get to Pennoxstone Court is by coach, National Express, which cover the who le country or train. National Express is operating to both cities Hereford and Ross-on-wye. Trains are coming to Hereford. We organise pick up from these two cities.
Pennoxstone Court has a lot of attractions. There is a tennis court, table tennis, football, pig roast or barberque parties on Fridays. There are usually a few coach trips organised to the places of interest. There is a beautiful river and lots of nice places for walks.
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towels
  • Waterproof Clothing
  • Proof of identity/Right to work Documents